GPS Insulators is a modern organization that provides engineering services, production and quality control of insulators, conductor fittings and insulator sets used in distribution and transmission of electricity for all voltage levels of low, medium and high voltage.

In our product line we have other equipment that is used in electrical energy distribution such as consoles, adapters, supports for overhead power insulators, climbers...

We use porcelain, reinforced glass and polymers as insulating materials of insulators in combination with a glass fiber core that meets all the requirements prescribed by the standards.

GPS Inurlators also performs quality control of other equipment used in power distribution. We perform all the tests we use on fuses, surge arresters, current and voltage measuring transformers, switches, breakers, transformers and steel pillars according to the latest standards and in this way we provide the delivery of quality and reliable equipment to our customers.

Throughout the process of product design, production and quality control, we pay special attention to the application and introduction of the latest international standards and technical recommendations that are applied in our country.